if there’s a will, there’s a way.

i don’t talk very much anymore. i feel like i don’t have anyone to talk to. i mean, i do. but i feel like i can’t complain anymore. it isn’t fair to complain because i’m better, and i complain all the time. and the people that i could talk to know that and are tired of my complaints so i can’t talk to them. and all in all do i have real problems? i have the same problems as most of the kids at masterman. i have anxiety issues and i get panic attacks too, and i just push them inside of me or pretend that they don’t exist. which is probably very unhealthy, i’m sure, but i don’t know if i could manage being at masterman if i didn’t. sometimes i wonder what will happen when i leave and start my adult life. how royally fucked up will i be? i’m going to be fine, but i guess i’m just wondering what fine is going to mean to me.

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  1. maddiebird said: Also talk to me because I freaking miss you! My life has been fucking crazy and kind of awful but I’m past the worst of it and soon will be free for winter break and I’m dying to see you but I’m shit at doing anything besides homework sleeping and bitchin
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